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covid 19 (coronavirus) update cure found homeopathy

covid 19 cure found homeopathy
covid 19 cure found homeopathy

hey everyone it's been quite the week this Blog is not going to be as polished as my previous coronavirus now covid 19 Blogs have been for a reason I'll discuss near the end today I'm focusing on updates just in the US because I don't have a great handle what's happening on the ground anywhere else and the rate of updates here has been accelerating through stories of covid 19 have heard that have been coming out of northern Italy sound particularly horrific I'll I am seeing the news and read the blogs to no all situations covid 19 so as you likely know the number of confirmed in covid 19 cases in the US has climbed a week ago we had 60 cases as of this we have records we are at 754 officially confirmed cases including at least 43 in my online friend county of Santa Clara some of whom are in our my friend Hospital at Stanford just a block away but there's a big problem with these numbers as much as the rest of the world was talking about severe underreporting of cases in China covid 19 six weeks ago we have an equally big problem here now because of the delay in getting wildly available covid 19 testing in the u.s. not just a majority but the overwhelming majority of cases have not been identified there is currently widespread community transmission occurring in most states what this means is that any hope of containing the covid 19 virus keeping it limited to certain geographic regions is gone now what the United States needs to do is to switch from containment to mitigation this is a bit of an oversimplification but the primary goal of containment is to reduce the number the total number who are infected while the primary goal of mitigation is to reduce the total number who are infected at the same time meaning that a graph of new infections over time looks flatter the area under the curve that is the total number eventually covid 19 infected before the outbreak is controlled will hopefully be smaller with mitigation but that's a secondary consideration why do we care about the shape of the curve because a significant number of cases will require hospitalization
and a significant number of those will require ICU level care and we only have so many critical care beds estimates are around 100 thousand such beds in the US that sounds like a lot except at any given time the vast majority are already full of patients with things like heart attacks strokes pneumonia liver failure or just post-op patients after conventional heart surgery now consider that you know in a month or two we may have a million simultaneous koban 19 patients and those who are critically ill will require weeks of ventilator support before recovery we're going to find ourselves short thousands upon thousands of ICU beds this won't just affect patients with koban 19:00 this will affect every critically ill patient we will run out of ventilators and even before that point hospitals may run out of personal protective equipment such as n95 masks disposable gowns and gloves while the federal government has enormous stockpiles of this equipment for use in a pandemic like this one there's speculation that it might not be enormous enough and it's going to get really hard really quickly to get more such equipment when these masks and gowns are either produced in China or are produced in the US using raw materials from China so going back to mitigation the reasons we want to flatten the curve is so that not as many ICU beds or need it as once to give us time to strengthen the supply chain of personal protective equipment and to give us time to learn how to improve Hospital operations in order to increase the number of ICU patients we can simultaneously care for mitigation will also give us time to study the effectiveness of antiviral drugs and hopefully to develop a vaccine which may be more than a year away from deployment how do we mitigate a pandemic it's all about hand-washing and social distancing as discussed in the last last information i have isolation of sick individuals home quarantine of close contacts of sick individuals working from home canceling large group events and even closing schools and daycare centers now that last one that's particularly challenging while canceling ruin fives us tour or in-person game attendance for the rest of the NBA season will be upsetting for many it won't create a dilemma for millions of families in contrast closing schools and daycares will be huge now I know a lotof people are out there thinking you know kids may not get very sick from coping 19 as a general rule but they are important vectors for the disease spread and

covid 19 cure found homeopathy
covid 19 homeopathy

therefore the safest thing is to keep them all home that certainly sounds very logical it feels very logical and I understand people that you know reach that conclusion very quickly but there are consequences to what seems like a very logical decision for example a lot of parents will need to continue working in order to do so they may look to grandparents to watch their children the general demographic that is by large margin at the highest risk of critical illness and death after catching the virus many children particularly in urban areas are homeless or otherwise live in poverty and they rely on school provided meals for nutrition and of course something that's close to me about a quarter of the healthcare workforce has at least one child who is too young to stay home alone if schools close we'll see huge numbers of doctors and nurses taking leave at the exact time when they are needed most those workers who remain in hospitals left behind and who aren't already infected themselves will be working dangerously long hours and caring for a dangerously high number of patients which again will impact everyone in the hospital not just those with koban 19:00 we've discussed some interesting solutions to this problem at Stanford if things got really bad such as doctors remotely rounding on their in patients via videoconference from home everyone is keeping their fingers it doesn't come to that so when it comes to closing public schools I I guess I I don't know what the right solution is but whether it's a good or a bad idea I think our local schools here in Santa Clara County I think they're gonna shut down soon and once one district pulls a trigger on closure every other district in the San Francisco Bay Area will feel enormous public pressure to do so and those like Duclos they may stay closed for a long time like possibly the rest of the school year and summer camps might be cancelled we could end up with a six-month period during which families with young children will only have one parent able to work full-time which is is going to present a huge economic and financial burden for so many people it's kind of hard to overstate the problem this is going to lead to so in summary if you are young healthy childless or already work from home and you don't have any elderly relatives whose health you need to worry about you may sail through this crisis unscathed but for the country as a whole including our healthcare system I think things are going to get bad like really bad so now what are specific things that you as an individual can do to help mitigate the pandemic number one wash your hands frequently while using the alcohol-based hand sanitizer is better than nothing plain old soap and water is better than sanitizer for preventing transmission of koban 19 number two stop shaking people's hands I don't really understand well why handshakes are even a thing in 2020 number three don't go to large gatherings even if that concert or sporting event or festival isn't canceled stay home even events like movie showings and church services I think twice about particularly if you're elderly or have chronic illness for if you're planning on hosting and gathering yourself whether a child's birthday party or your monthly book a monthly book club consider holding off five avoid unnecessarily unnecessary travel particularly cruises work from home if possible don't go to work sick which I know is easier said than done for many many people number eight if you are an employer don't be an asshole okay let your employees stay home sick without threatening to fire them or forcing them to find their own coverage you do not want to I do not want your restaurant or your retail store to become infamous for being a Cove in nineteen hotspot because you refuse to let your coughing cashier go home early and number nine if you think you might have Co by nineteen yourself and you are relatively young and if your symptoms are relatively mild meaning you only have fever and/or cough and do not have shortness of breath stay home do not come to the emergency room or your primary care clinic they are either being overwhelmed or shortly will be and you will potentially expose lots of other people to the virus instead call your primary care doctor or call your local health department to see if there are options for getting tested that won't require you to risk others there may not be but if there are you should you should take them up on it however if your symptoms are moderate to severe such as your experiencing shortness of breath or you are elderly do seek urgent medical attention so in summary if you need urgent medical care go to the hospital if you're only needing to be tested first look for other options I'm now going to get to why this Blog is a little less polished which will also sort of be an update about this site more generally some of you may have already heard that effective as of today Stanford University is no longer holding in-person classes while the campus is generally still open all classes are to be held remotely and all exams are now take-home exams this is only definite for the last two weeks of winter quarter but all of us faculty are working on the assumption that will continue into spring quarter so now a small group of us have three weeks to figure out how to deliver at 80 plus hours of quickly their time on the practice of medicine to over 100 medical and PA students remotely and that's in addition to staying on top of changes in our hospitals operations and general clinical practice due to the pandemic and of course it's on top of caring for these patients so needless to say I'm going to be really really busy for a while I will try to put out Blog here on my site as often as I can but it will not be at the same rate as previously I hope you'll be patient and stick around there is so much more medicine I'm looking forward I found the medicines of cure COVID 19 it is not in allopathy it is on Homeopathy medicine names and powers=Arsenic (30.200), belladonna (30.200) Ras tox (30.200) Bryonia (30.200) Hepar Sulph (30.200) to talking with to you about anyway that's all for today stay safe wash your hands don't go to work sick and hope that every epidemiologist in the world is wrong about this 

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