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last update ios 13.4 beta review

ios 13.4 beta

Hi everyone Anit Shajidul here for Black & White Unknown & iOS 13.4 beta one has been out to developers for about a day now I've been using it on my iPhone 11 Pro max I have it on some other devices as well but quite a few people have actually found new features that I didn't mention in the initial I mentioned quite a few but I have 20 other features and changes to mention now now some of them I've found some of them I didn't find but if it was someone else that found them I'll credit them in the credit them now the first thing has to do with Siri shortcuts or shortcuts so if you go to the shortcuts app then you create a new shortcut then you click add action if you search for Shazam you can Shazam it that's actually an action you can do now and so if I play this shortcut all I have to do is hit play it's going to listen for a sound and you could use Siri to do the same thing but it's going to listen for a sound and so now it's playing I'll hit play on music and let's turn it up and you'll see that it's actually found that song so it picked it up and it works just like that so you could add this to one of your shortcuts if you wanted to use it now the next thing has to do with music as well and it's a small change but in the music app maybe we go into this song here let it happen it's playing and if you have the lyrics on and it has a long intro or a gap in the song you'll have these three dots here as the song is playing until they start singing the song so those will just show up now it's just something that they've changed and something else that they've changed is if you want to play a song next or later you press and hold on it and you'll see now it says play last previous to this it actually would say play later so if I go here and hit this song you'll see it says play later this is thirteen point three point one on the left on the right a of thirteen point four it now says play last so it's just a slight change but it's something they've updated now the next updates were found by my friend Steve over at Mac rumors and this next update isn't something you can actually see physically but it looks like Apple has added additional support for more Braille devices so an accessibility under voiceover you have Braille and what they've added specifically is unclear but it looks like maybe some more drivers or something like that in the code now again under accessibility if we go to touch and then we go to assistive touch we turn that on we'll hit customize then we hit customize top-level menu you'll see the dwell Icon here now this isn't anything particularly different that's huge but it's actually a change in the icon that says dwell so here is iOS thirteen point three point one on the left iOS thirteen point four on the right the dwell icon in the upper right on the left here and then the dwell I con in the middle here are slightly different it's just a small change now there's some other icons that were in the code as well that again were found by Steve and this one is actually for developers it's hidden in the Xcode previews and it looks like it may allow developers to preview layouts on the device itself so what it actually does we're not sure but it's just found in the code and again there's another icon that's different that's in the code we're not sure where it is but it's an infinity symbol that has to do with it playing music and then there's also another one for maybe manga coming to Apple books so that may be coming in the future and then additionally there's a performance trace in the control center apps as far as something that may be coming in the future so maybe we can look at the performance of a device with more understanding in the future so all of those things are new and you don't see those a whole lot but they're all there to check out now the next thing has to do with series so if we go into Siri and then again we go to accessibility here under accessibility if we go down to Siri under Siri is always listen for series so I'm not going to say that to trigger your devices but if I turn this on you can actually activate it even if the phone is face down so that's just something they've added if you want to use that it should help especially if you use voiceover and things like that and the phone is not face up a nice little addition that I think should have been there all along but it's something that maybe got overlooked but it's great that it's there now there's another additional update with Siri and that's to bring you to the home screen when you're in a different app so you can actually use Siri to do that so if you can't touch your phone you need to go to the homescreen you can do that let me show you on a 13.4 and then an older version Theory bring me to the home screen please and it will bring me home now if I try that on iOS thirteen point three point one you get a different response Siri bring me to the home screen please so you'll see the response is completely different and while you may be able to swipe up a little bit easier it's definitely something that people will use if you don't have the ability to actually swipe up and you're in a different app now within Safari there's a couple changes so if I go into Safari you'll see that we can press and hold on a link and that's nothing new but we now have the option to open in the background if I do that on iOS thirteen point three point one you'll see that the option is just not there so we do have that little bit of a change that's on Safari Safari also adds quite a few new experimental features so if you want to play around with those you can find those under Safari so let me show you that we'll go down to Safari here if we go to Safari down at the bottom you go to advanced under advanced is experimental features there's quite a few new ones so if you're familiar with these you can try different features such as using WebGL 2.0 or web GPU but these can cause problems that's why they're turned off by default I never adjust any of these so this is what was on by default on my device on the iPad there's another feature I didn't mention yesterday as well so if we go into settings and you have to be using a hardware keyboard for this to work but if you go into settings then you go to keyboard then you go to hardware keyboard now you have modifier keys and what this lets you do is actually a just say caps lock and make it do something else so maybe you don't want to use caps lock for caps lock you hit it all the time and you want it to be globe or escape you can do that or maybe you want to change some of the other keys you can do that as well so you have this option for caps lock control key option key command key and a globe key and then you can just restore default so if you'd like to use that it's available now now yesterday I talked about a change in mail where the status bar at the bottom or the menu bar is a little bit different however if you go to do something like flag an email it looks a little bit different as well it brings up its own dialogue with unflagged and it just looks a little bit cleaner than what we had before so if I do the same thing on iOS thirteen point three point one will hit reply then we hit flag you'll see it's just a completely different menu I think it's a lot cleaner on iOS thirteen point four they've also made a slight change with VPNs so if we go into settings and we enable a VPN you do need to have a VPN and in the upper right you'll see when it's connected it says VPN and when I turn it off it looks a little bit different so it crosses out the VPN so it's just a slight change but it's something that's new now on devices with the home button they've made a slight change to the control center on the Left I have iOS 13 point four and you'll see it says no sim 58% on iOS 13 point three point one it doesn't have that so on the iPhone 6s in my right hand there's nothing on there so they've just added that to match the iPhone X and newer so that's a nice little change now under the health app there's a slight change so if we go into the health app and you tap on browse in the bottom right and scroll all the way to the bottom you now have the option for add an account and if you tap on add an account it looks for nearby medical places so that you can actually add the account for those particular places so depending on where you live you can see there's quite a few here and it's based on where you're at right now so you'll see all of these are showing up and it just keeps on going or you can search for your local healthcare facility and add your account for that so it's a nice little change now within the measure app there's a slight change so if I go in to measure and we want to use this the animation is a little bit different so if I go in to measure here on thirteen point three point one you'll see the animation is slightly different when it tells you to move your iPhone to start they've just changed that around a little bit it's a nice little touch I think that they've added and then finally the home app if you use home like I do for turning on lights and things the actual text or font seems to be a little bit darker or has more contrasts to it so it's a very slight change that someone noticed but depending on the display you're in or the screen you're on it looks a little bit different but you may not even see it on camera so it's so slight it's hard to see and that's really it that I've found or others have found on iOS 13.4 but if you've found anything else I'd love to hear from you in the comments below and I'll be doing a follow-up as well I usually do those on All day so I'll be doing a poll once this comes out to the public beta testers or maybe I'll do one before and I'll talk about how it is and whether or not you should install it even if you're a beta tester if you'd like to get your hands on this full update, of course, I'll link it in the description as I always do and if you haven't shared already please shared and if you enjoyed the Blogs please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Anit Shajidul I'll see you next time

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