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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Review 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Review 2020

Hi there this is Anit Shajidul and in this let's do the review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 light 2020 and guys I have been testing this with for the last seven days so I'll divide this review between the pros and cons and I've also taken a lot of sample photographs outdoor and even video because it has this new mode called super steady YS so we'll also have a look at that but before that, you're not the quick specs this Samsung Galaxy S10 light is having a six-point seven inch Super AMOLED full HD plus screen its part by the Snapdragon 855 SOC that has Adreno 640 GPU it comes with eight gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage rare we have a triple camera setup forty-eight megapixel then we have a 5 megapixel for macro and film megapixel ultra-wide we also, have a 32-megapixel front-facing camera four thousand five hundred million power battery with 25 watts fast charging it comes with Android 10 and even has NFC support so let's start with the pros and cons and let's start with the parole and the first thing I get is a Samsung device so it's about the screen this one is also having that six point seven-inch screen it's a Super AMOLED screen and the quality of the the screen that Samsung has put in is good the thing with AMOLED screen is that how're the white levels and stuff and here as you can see it's good it doesn't have a lot of color shift or the 10th so the quality of the screen that they are using is pretty good so no issues regarding that now if we talk about the user interface this has the new Samsung user interface that is known as the UI version 2 and it handles everything fine if we go oops I'm using the gestures geyser as occurring full-screen right you have those physical keys if you want if you go to software information this is the one you have the ocean to and it's nice to see that it does running for Android 10 so you're getting the latest a version of Android Emeline a week of testing almost at six and a half days I never faced any issues of Latinas or anything with this device so in that aspect it's handling it well and Sony no it shows that I have no test and again it helps because it is having that eight gigabytes of RAM even if we talk about the ROM management that has been done very well as you can see yeah I'm just be please bother about closing other recent apps or anything and whatever our recently our harden memory as they again as you can see so that way also it's doing a good job now if we talk about the the processor I'm happy that the event for the Snapdragon hit 55 and the combination of eight gigabytes of RAM we only have one variant in India that as 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 GB of storage hence as I've told you with the combination of the Snapdragon 800 defy the performance is good I also did some gaming I played all really quite a bit on this one and it handled it without any issue so in terms of gaming also no problem thanks to the Snapdragon 855 SOC that it has now if we talk about how is the cellular reception on this one I tested this one with a 10 and n robot and if you follow me guys you know this rule the turn the signal is pretty low right now it's very very low as you can see two bars but if I switch on Wi-Fi it does have support for vo y 2 y 5 that is voice over Wi-Fi and it worked brilliantly in this room with that I could take calls and they were crystal clear so vo Wi-Fi is supported I tested here in Dhaka with a good that's nice and also if we talk about the UPS the geared piece is loud and clear and even the microphone quality is good so no problems regarding tank now if we talk about the battery life on this one, fortunately, has a 4500 milliamp-hour battery and that combination of the snapdragon 855 SOC gives pretty good battery life results for example if you go to device care and battery of one you might have changed how you see the battery life as you can see it was almost 2 days of battery life if you see a blue line over here that means I started shining here but as you can see the next day or so I didn't have to charge and only the next the day that is almost off to two days I have to charge and that's the same results that I'm noticing and in terms of the screen on time what about this almost two days of usage I was roughly getting about finder arts of the screen on time hi, guys, I was using this phone with this always-on display mode so if you disable this you should get even more a better battery life is it thought that in-display fingerprint scanner again as you can see no problems with that that works very well and better you have to enable this always-on display some people who are like though it shows over here always on this plane but you have to go further in the setting and here you click and show a schedule or show always because by default - talk - sure so that is also something you have to make sure and the battery life overall I would say is pretty good and now let's talk about the charging of this one it comes with this new 25 watt charging with Samsung likes to call super fast charging and it works to give you an idea here are some of the screenshots I noted when I was charging it was around 22 people it was around 1:45 in the afternoon and I when I saw from 22% as you can see from this one it actually went to about 53 - almost 31% it increased in 15 minutes and from let's say from 2:00 p.m. to 2:15 from that 53 it went to about 7 p.m. so in a matter of 30 minutes from 22% to about 78% it went so definitely this new fast charging makes quite a bit of difference and the charge is very quickly and I'm black they have pondered this one in the box oh no issues regarding even the charging on this one and not coming to general performance as you can see it is very fluid I did not have any issues with this one it is very fluid in operations and the one UI is being tweaked on this one now let's talk about the camera and if you look at the camera it's a triple rear camera setup that we are having the 48 megapixels is the mean one but now if you notice closely over here it's a super steady OS I'll talk about that, that's a new thing in fact on this handset and then we also have that ultra-wide-angle and five megapixel for close-up macro shots and we have 32-megapixel front-facing camera before I talk about the video and the super steady option another macro now going to human subjects also notice however the skin tones were produced even when we talk about the bouquet mode, the results were good this is a regular shot and here the front-facing camera that's the infinity or display that's a 32 megapixels let's talk about this new option that is known as to the super steady voice, we have been seen wise from a long time but what here Sam saying that is that and I got some material reference material here on some of the screenshots as you can see what it says is that in normal voice only the the actual lens moves but here in super steady wires they are not only the lengths move but entire module what we have the cameras they have also moved thereby it's much much much better than traditional OIS so even when you're moving and stuff it produces much better results than normal low bias and they like to call it like Kimble like whatever as you can see with these some of the screenshots that I got so the normal mode, not that super steady and I'm just walking to give you an idea and it's decent but let me do one thing let me guess it shakes a little bit if you move your hand but let's move to the super steady option and see and guys now I'm in the super steady mode again doing the same thing and as you can see it slightly wider in fact and yes if you walk it's a lot more stable and definitely if you're just shooting videos again you won't be walking but let's say shooting your videos and if you move also a little bit you can get some pretty good for Ted as you can see like this so yes that super steady option certainly helps slightly excessive video and hopefully in this one the bathroom should be a little bit blurred dwarf, you have to shoot a video as you can see I'm just moving around then also the background should be slightly but look you can go to settings and adjust the amount of blur that you want so this is also pretty cool each about does that you know what do you think about the same so that was the camera but now if you move to one more the thing that I like about this one yes it does have NFC support that's not a problem but this also has MST that means it has the full Samsung piece support so it works with any credit card machine and this is really important because of many times we have very old what do you say credit card machines if you don't have to MST it does not work in India but this one has proper support for NFC plus MST so that's also actually a nice thing so these were the good things about this the device now let's move to the cause and some of the things that I did not like and the first thing is I miss the fact that this one is just having the single the speaker here at the bottom don't get me wrong it's fine it's adequately loud to is adequately loud but I miss the fact that it's not having a stereo speaker they should have put a stereo speaker on this one but fortunately, if you put the headset I talked about the headset the supplier the headset you can enable Dolby Atmos that option this thing but another thing that I do not like is that generally with this a series lineup of the smartphones all had IP protection this does not have IP protection and coming to another thing is that I'm something to see that the 3.5 mm headphone jack is missing yes they do bangle dress except which is a USB type-c Alan works fine I would say and also I tested with a couple of Bluetooth headsets that work fine but I still miss the 3.5 mm headphone jack so that is something I missed and if open this one let me talk about that I don't think is that knots almost h2h screen as you can see we do not have physical LED notification light that is something I am saying but it's all net picking because we have that always-on display but now coming to another thing is that this back it was very confusing because it felt like plastic sometimes sometimes it feels like what do you say glass so I did check with the Samsung team and them Got here lower back to me and advised me that that is let me read it accurately this is not plastic, not glass this is plastic so what does this plastic is a combination of glass and plastic it's fiberglass and plastic makes they I googled about it so again yes this is what it is but one the thing I noted noticed is it looks pretty cool but as you can see at least on this block cutter, this is sort of a fingerprint magnet so I would such as can you use it with this case that is supplied so guys these were some of the cons that I noticed with this Samsung Galaxy S10 light so those were the pros and cons and yes it's not a the perfect device it does have it's gone as I mentioned, for example, I do miss that 3.5 mm headphone jack but considering that this is a light version I feel Samsung not skimping a lot of things for example I was surprised that this hard NFC Plus MST that means a full version of Samsung pay also thanks to the snapdragon 855 the overall performance was very good even in gaming and if you talk about the battery life than 4,500 million power the battery is pretty good in fact if you guys recall I was using the Samsung galaxy S10 plus last year the battery life is better than that one and also I like the fact that now we are getting that 25-watt charger so if you're looking for a Samsung galaxy S10 the device around this price range I feel yes this is a pretty decent handset anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is Anit Shajidul and me hope to see you in my next Blog take care guys


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